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"ThoughTs & Words"




Every time this world
starts to get me down
times when this life
brings the blues around

I would take out your music
and play just one song
put myself in another world
where nothing goes wrong
when the music stops
the blues go away
after listening to you
I have only one thing to say...

Thank you my friend
for being there
at a time when
life's weather doesn't seem fair
because when people are mad
when people's words are bad
it's nice to know
someone still cares
like I know you do
that's why I think of you
and seeing you
puts my mind at ease
so I ask of you please-

to keep singing your song
keep yourself strong
for friends like me
and the people
you never see...

And thank you my friend
for just being you
it's the best thing
that you can do

because in this world of
so many things without love
it's nice to hear you sing
of that one beautiful thing
so please keep on singing
our friend...Regine

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        Originally made 28 Feb '92.

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