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Janno's Album



yEa! Its'S a Party iN hErE!


Check out Janno's rubber duckie up there. hehe

jannoalb (resized).png (22988 bytes)

JANNO GIBB latest album! June '99


And the good word on Janno's album is it has turned gold. Sold more than 20,000 copies.





Note: this copy of Janno's latest album
was scanned in the PNG mode instead of gif
or Jpeg mode because it takes less memory.
However, we learned that not all browsers
can show PNG pics. If you don't see it then
you now know your browser isn't PNG capable.
In other words it sucks. Upgrade my friend.

In our case we already threw the old pic out.
So this will have to do for now. Only have a few
PNG shots around the site. We will replace those
we can.


The Band Room official opinion about Janno Gibbs is simple-
He's the best Filipino male singer of our time. Heavy stuff
to say. Heavy for you to digest because you probably know
other singers who have so many more hit songs like Hajii and
Rico and Bert & Ernie...uh, Bert Nievera I mean. And Basil-
OK, but remember we said the best male singer and not the most
popular. He's even kind of corny at times but I seen also some
excellent timed comedy too. But as a singer, what a voice. What
a style. If you think Regine's the best female singer then you
don't realize it but you already agreed with about Janno. You're
probably confusing popularity with talent and ability.

Fans make the star. And it's up to the fans too that determines
how far a singer can go and not just the artists talents. But which
ever way Janno is ultimately remembered as, we in the Band Room
would take every chance we have to see to it that he's mentioned
as being the best there was. If his star status and popularity doesn't
ever catch up to that level. He was our Barry Manilow and not Martin.
He unfortunately didn't have the chance to put his career on the road
it should have been a decade ago. But he's still here. And just had a
hit album. He may still make things proper and right.

Good luck funny dude. Just keep it serious with the music.

-The Band Room Managers-
Ya think we would know?
OK, maybe not all the time.

Just this time. hehe..

The Band Room official opinion about Janno Gibbs is simple-
Wait a minute, didn't I already say that?
I should never drink and surf at the same time...

janno.gif (13449 bytes)

I hope your cooking is as good as your singing.


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For now- let's join the party...