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Photo Album



" What lies behind us
and what lies before us
are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us."

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"A dreamer lives forever."

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I like her smile and love her laugh  :)    

-P   H   O    T   O     P   A   G    E   S-


page 2 -Shots with Janno & Verni/ Regine's Mandarin Hotel show.

page 3 -Doorway to Janno's new album cover.

page 4 -Do-Re-Mi movie cast.

page 4 pt. 2 -Some Regine R2K pictures.

     page 5 -Cute pictures of Regine

   page 5 pt. 2 -Special made Regine PC wallpaper.

page 6   -Fan Corner ( fans pictures) door way to Yasmin's pages.

    page 7 -Album cover/ Regine shows a fan she means business!

    page 8  -Regine & Mommy Velasquez /'Reason Enough' songbook page

page 9 -Sexy pictures of Regine. Suz. Hide the cat!

page 10 -Regine's 'DRAWN' project. Pictures during that period.

  page 11 -Great poses at DutyFree Philippines!

page 12   -Posing at Duty Free Philippines / Coke poster

page 13 -Regine picture taken by PHILMUSIC

page 14   -Regine at a radio-studio interview

page 15 -Regines' wedding dress /Regine in concert/ webster my naughty cat.

page 16 -On stage with "The Company"

page 17 -Regine the songbird showing off her feathers!

page 18 -Regine returns from another successful US tour

page 19 -A colorful pic of Regine wearing her favorite forehead jewelry/ Latest Mag cover!

page 20 -Regine daydreams while watching the rain fall.


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Regine In Black & White

Regine's Picture Bin


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"It's OK to view your guestbook Regine
No need to cover your eyes"

It is possible to be different and still be alright'-The Furrow

-I     LOVE   MY   PEOPLE-

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