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The cream of the ('99 Metropop) crop

And the winner is... Regine Velasquez by "unanimous" decision!

Did you see how beautifully the sexy songbird sang excerpts from the 12
finalists of the 1999 Metropop Song Festival held last Saturday night
at the AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo? All too suddenly, even if you've
listened to each and every song a hundred times in your car and in your
bedroom and anywhere you played the tape provided to you in advance by
the GMA Foundation which sponsors the annual talent search, somehow the
songs sounded differently -- better? -- when it was Regine singing

No, Regine wasn't an interpreter that night but the guest performer who
opened the show. But as far as this music buff is concerned, she was a
real winner, impeccable vocally and visually.

(For once in his career this writer actually said something right and nice for a change).

kick_baby.gif (36029 bytes)

" Regine kicks butt once again! "


Send to the Regine Mailing list from a fan:

Regine sang "Ikaw" in Mikee and Dodot's wedding. She sang it with
feelings talaga! I felt I also wanted to get married right there and then.



Phil. Daily Inquirer, Aug. 9, 1999

Concert Artists Invade Theater
by Luna Griņo-Inocian

MOVIE and TV actors have long realized that in order to be "certified" as a
true performer, they must do theater. So you have the likes of Ricky Davao
and Jackie Lou Blanco who have tried theater and loved it. The experience
has enriched them immensely (not financially but artistically).

Now it seems that the trend is moving on to the concert scene. Why? Already
at the apex of their respective careers, a concert artist looks at his or
her life and asks--what else can I do? How else can I stretch my limits?
How else can I improve my craft?

For Regine Velasquez, the epiphany came when she caught a performance of
friends Monique Wilson and Audie Gemora in Tanghalang Pilipino's "Noli Me
Tangere" at the CCP. She sat mesmerized throughout the show, wept and
laughed, and congratulated the cast afterward with a "Nakakainggit naman
kayo." This served as a cue for Audie who asked her, "Then why don't you
join us? Bagay na bagay sa iyo ang Maria Clara!"

Next thing you know, she was Maria Clara--blowing everyone away with an
incredible fine performance as the vulnerable, lovelorn maiden from Rizal's
novel, giving the otherwise insipid heroine depth and passion. Even her
road manager was amazed at how her voice had adjusted to the new genre, and
director Nonon Padilla laughingly consented during the first run-through
that it was the first time he had ever seen Audie outshone by another

The cast, crew and audiences loved her... and she loved them and the
experience as well. Originally slated to do "only five performances,"
Regine was soon volunteering to do extra shows, even the 10:30 a.m. bill.
She was good, and truly hooked.


Manila Bulletin, Aug. 22, 1999

Regine's favorites:
Local actor: Cesar Montano, Aga Muhlach, Christopher de Leon
Foreign actor: John Malcovich
Local actresses: Dawn Zulueta, Maricel Soriano
Foreign actresses: Meryl Streep
Local movies: "Wanted: Perfect Mother," "Saan Darating ang Umaga," "Bukas
Luluhod ang mga Tala ("because I can relate so much to those
rags-to-riches stories")

Foreign movies: "Pretty Woman," "You've Got Mail"
Song: none
Expression: Ngii!
Motto: wala
Person: Titot, Hanna (her nephew and niece, respectively)
Book/reading material: "Bridges of Madison County," "Conversations with God"
Get-up: Housedress at home, slacks, t-shirt and pedal pushers
Color: Yellow and green
Food: anything, but now she's on diet
Co-worker: Janno (because he's such a sweet person); Kuh ("ang dali niyang
katrabaho, thoughtful, she never fails to send gifts kapag birthday ko")

Flower: Roses, nothing can beat the romance in roses
Part of the day: dusk (5:47 p.m.)
Sleep wear: dusters
President: Erap
Occasion/time of the year: New Year, "because masarap mag-New Year sa
Bulacan, masaya at maingay"

T.V. show: S.O.P.
Talk show host: Kris Aquino
Road/street: Soho district at the Greenwich Village, New York City, U.S.A.
City: New York
Name: Oona and Alijah
Hobby/pastime: watch T.V. and eat

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" Helo Mrs. Velasquez. Is your daughter home? "


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With a passion for us we could not return?
If equal affection cannot be,
Let the more loving one be me.
- - W. H. Auden