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C O N T E N T S :

1)THE DIVA AND THE DANCER (with 2 bonus articles! 28 Nov 99)small.jpg (3072 bytes)

Regine Velasques and G Toengi. At first glance, it seems that hosting SOP is the only thing these two women have in common. One sings while the other struts her stuff on stage. And as Regine’s voice soars to new heights, G is a bundle of energy as she shimmies to the latest dance tracks. The diva and the dancer.   Article was originally released about July '99.

2) A Joust Between the Classics and Pop  The classics are the classics and pop is pop and never the twain shall meet -- or can they? Guess? Jeans makes sure they do in its Philharmonic in Jeans Concert Series. The opening concert this season billed as "Philharmonic in Jeans Meets the Power of Two" brings to the Glorietta Activity Center the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra and the country's reigning queens of pop, Kuh Ledesma and Regine Velasquez. Article was originally released November '99.

3)Simply Regine Velasquez by Shirley Matias Pizarro. Article was originally released Aug.22,1999.

4)Regine's Humble Beginnings by Crispina Martinez Belen. Originally released Sept.24,1999.

5) The Best Way to Regine's Heart by Maridol Raņoa-Bismark. Article was originally released May.30,1999.

6)Regine Misses Her Hosting Chores at 'SOP' by Mary Ann A. Bautista. Originally released July.17,1999.

7)Scuttlebutt by Shirley Matias-Pizarro. Originally released Aug.15,1999

8)Making Regine's Music Video is a Breeze by Jocelyn Valle. Originally released Nov.20,1999.

9)'R2K,' Regine's New Album by Crispina Martinez-Belen. Originally released Nov.27,1999.

10)Short Regine Articles/ Notes  1999

11)Songbird in Celluloid by Ramil Digall Gulle Originally released June.2,1999.

12)Ai-Ai is THE Concert Comedy Queen..SOLD OUT! by Mike Tutor Sat, 16 Oct 99.

13)Regine R2K Article/Ready For Regine?  Released in Dec. '99.

14)REGINE FREE AS A LARK Originally released Jun. 2, '99.

15)Regine On The Wings Of Love -R2K Article  Dec. '99


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