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Regine Velasquez, at 20, still has to fall in love. In fact, she still has to get out on a date. She says she has no suitors, "Walang manliligaw sa akin, walang magkakamali."

(Orginially printed back in 1990 when Regine was really just starting to get famous at the same time still growing up and learning about the ways of love and life.)


2)REGINE’S MOM: Papa's Girl is Mama's Pet too!

Regine Velasquez shares a special relationship with her mom as much as her father. Here we get to read about some of the things that make it special.

(Orginially printed back in 1994. when we read alot about her father but not too much about her equally cool mother. And she is as nice and kind a lady as she looks it.)


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