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Yasmin's Page



Some pictures being shared with other Regine Fans
from one of her fans on the Regine Mailing List...

savvycover (resized).jpg (55730 bytes)

very Savvy Indeed!



" WHEEEE...."

savvyinside2 (resized).jpg (53895 bytes)

Regine as Peter Pan? There's an idea.



savvyinside4 (resized).jpg (31960 bytes)

Well, we know Regine knows what a head rush is now.
Boy, I remember when I use to do this.
Wait a this picture upside down?


savvyinside3 (resized).jpg (34397 bytes)

A bonus shot I didn't know I had. -23 Oct 99

Thanks Yasmin for the pictures


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" Reg's Pic Page 3 "

" Praying is but only one step to success yet the most direct way to talk to God. " -JG

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