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AGA and Regine

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There you go.
Aga looks like a leading actor man here.

I see a slight touch shade of Edu Mansano? Maybe...

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Hmm... They look more like a brother-sister team.
The next Donny & Marie Osmond?

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Among all the shots. This one really looks good.


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Alot of fans are saying was how pretty good the movie was.
Even most of the movie writers gave it alot of good points
for the acting of their co-stars to the fact it was wholesome
and entertaining. Except for one writer who probably based his
review from a 3rd party rather than seeing it himself, the movie
got alot of universal approval. And alot of credit goes to our star
who's involvement alone sends the signal that says wholesome.
We're looking forward to the next one!


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team pic3

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