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Article 14




She got a powerful, lovely voice! That's a given. Her passionate
interpretation of the simplest songs of love could be what makes her
appealing especially with the opposite sex. We've watched her morp into
the svetre and sultry songbird with the irresistible X factor. In fact,
she's got it all: a loving family, fortune and fame.
    In a tete-a-ate, Regine strikes us someone who's happy being free but at
the same time cherishes home. She's secure with herself, open and warm, a
cheerful likable person who's easy to work with. Here find out how she
mesmerizes us over -- like her thousands of fans and admirers.

After twelve years in the industry, a number of of hit albums,
successful concerts, four box-office hit movies, Regine Velasques still
can't believe she's now a Big Time. "When I had my first fan's day last
April, I was surprised to see so many people at the makati Coliseum. I
never thought I've so many supporters who know my songs and have attended
my shows. They even prepared a short program for my birthday and I was
The euphoric reception was a far cry from the one she got when
she was just starting. Regine remembers an incident while doing a
Coca-Cola tour fellow new comers Bing Loyzaga and Lilet. "Nagpaparada kami
and people were shouting 'Bing ang ganda-ganda mo!' 'Lilet ang cute cute
mo!' And then somebody from the crowd shouted at the top of his lungs,
'Regine ang galing galing moong kumanta!' 'Day, naloka ako. Nakatayo lang
naman ako sa float during the parade tapos -- gano'n , ha-ha-ha!
    "One thing that makes me really happy these days is that ang dami ng
gumagaya sa akin especially sa mga singing contests. Kahit nga mga bading,
ginagaya ako. I feel good. Imagine, dati ako ang gumagaya kina
Kuh(Ledesma), Barbara (Streisand) tapos ngayon ako na ang ginagaya ng
    All the fame and admiration Regine credits to her former manager, Ronnie
Henares. "I owe him a lot. He was the only one who believe in me.. Nobody
paid me much attention because I was an ugly kid. Sure I could sing but
then, it just isn't voice, eh. But he believed in me.
    "He taught me a lot not only in improving my image as a singer but as a
person as well. He would listen to me whenever I had problems. I love
him. He's my friend. He will always be a second father to me.
    "And even now that I am no longer unfair his management, he can still book
me for shows anytime. He told me, "I f you need anything, just tell me.
You know I'll always be there for you.' So, when I didn't renew my contract
with's a personal move. I'm growing and I'd like to do things for
    Changes. Regine has also matured as an actress. "My dad told me na kung
gagawin ko ang isang bagay, gawin kong nang maayos. Kay when I first saw
Wanted: Perfect Mother, I was a bit dissappointed with myself, especially
doon sa kissing scene namin ni Boyet (Christopher de Leon.) Sabi ko sa
sarili, 'Nakakahiya ka! Para namanng hindi ka pa nakahalik," she says,
    And how did she fare in her latest movie, Dahil May Isang Ikaw, with Aga
Mulach? "I'm more relaxed. At ease na 'ko in front of the camera." And
her lip service? "Pwede na," she says, with a smile. Although she's quick
to add that her first time to do a passionate kissing scene, we wonder how
she can make it look lip-smacking good.

    Regine has been dubbed television's newest sweetheart - for a good reason
on SOP, GMA 7's Sunday noontime show. "I enjoy doing that show. I get to
sing the songs na gusti ko talagang kantahin. Iba kasi 'pag sa concert,
sabihin ng production people, 'O, kantahin mo 'to, 'Sikat 'to,' gano'n .
Here, I also get to show off my clothes. ('Pag may shows ako abroad, I see
to it na nakakapag-shop ako ng clothes, kahit saan. Keber ko sa brand
names," she shares. "Tapos, itatabi ko lang. "Pag may show ako, do'n
hahanap ako ng bagay. 'Pag walang bagay na footwear, I gio bearfoot. Care
ko, ko she jokes.) "Plus I really love working with Janno, Ogie, Cacai, G
and the other guys. We're like family. Masaya...."
    With her busy sked, it's a wonder how the original Birit Queen ( remember
that contest in the noontime variety show. Eat Bulaga?) keeps her golden
voice. As a singer Regine's number one rule is not to drink anything cold
after performance. "It also helps na sariwa 'yung hangin na nalalanhap mo.
Now, I easily catch cold and cough dahil most of the time, I'm here in
Manila. In Bulacan kasi, masarap ang hangin, kaya lang medyo malayo sa
work ko."
    Her recording career also takes her to other countries promoting her
albums. She has toured Asia. After Filipinos, she considers Koreans her
next favorite audience. "When I went to Korea three years ago to promote
my Retro album, nagulat ako co'z when we arrived at the airport, may
placards pa sila 'Welcome Regine!' , and they were shouting, 'You're so
pleety, Legine! (read: You're so pretty, Regine!)' Diyos ko, feeling ko
tuloy, eh diyosa ako," she says, in jest. "At 'eto pa, nagalit sila sa
cover concept ng album ko (Retro) dahil pinapangit daw ako. Feeling
maganda talaga ako do'n," she quips.

    But among her m,any trips abroad, the last is especially memorable for
Regine : "Last year, I had a concert in Canada wherein I brought my whole
family. For six weeks, magkakasama kami. It's the first time na
nakasama ko abroad ang buong pamilya ko. We had lot of fun."
    Coming from closely knit brood, she's vocal about her family being her
foremost priority. She's grateful to Dad (Mang Gerry to fans) for creating
Regine Velasquez, one of Viva'' four divas today.
    Her greatest accomplishments: "I was able to send all my four siblings to
school. They're finished now except for one who's taking up Dentistry."
    When off commitments, Regine spends her free time with the family in
Bulacan. Otherwise she shops 'till she drops at Mega. "When I get busy,
mami-miss ko lahat 'to," she reveals.
    Certainly she will - for the next couple of months at least. As this
issue goes to press, she's already winging it to the US to do a concert,
and talk with record producer Mark Feist for possible album to be released
    On the lovefront, the Songbird learned to take it easy. "There's no such
thing as the right man. You make the relationship work. It does not
matter if he's not perfect, 'coz nobody is naman, 'di ba? There are no
certain qualities that I look for a guy. The most important thing, I think
is yung relationship n'yo right from the start. Passion may be lost after
a while. But if you have respect for each other, your relationship will
    Suitors? Meron naman kahit papa'no. Konti lang sila. Hahahah I'm am not
rushing. Love can wait.
    "Besides, I won't marry just because society tells me I should because I'm
29. When my two sisters got married, na pressure ako. But then, why
should I be pressured? I enjoy life, I like what I'm doing - I can go to
I wanna go to. My married friends also advise me to enjoy my single life
'coz once I get married, that's it. I think marriage is also another
career that you have to be cautious of."
    Indeed, she's a free as a lark.-very very Regine..

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