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Article 15


Regine On The Wings Of Love

For a time, we'd think that Regine Velasquez' voice seems to be the only
thing that can hold us in rapt attention. Not anymore. Today, she has
proved that her voice comes with a body and face to die for.
    Like the whimsical butterfly engraved on her lower back, Regine has gone
through significant transformation in her life, all of which has helped her
emerge into a comsummate woman of the world. One who is unfestered by her
sexuality but is deeply aware of her ability to seduce and conquer. Like
wine, she has aged wonderfully in time. One who takes an unconciously
delight in showing her creamy, eggshell smooth back of flawless navel on
her supple, tapered long legs. She does all these while she sings.
    Regine has ceased tio be just a dub and stiff crooner. She has morphed
into a vixen with vocal power enough to send angels and mortals in a choir
of praise. Watching her perform could be an exhilarating experience whether
she does those dancey riffs or a set of saccharine mushy songs.
    After 15 years in the music industry, you'd think Regine has reached the
pinnacle of success and there's nothing more to aspire for but the songbird
sayd there are still so many things she wants to achieve.
    "At this point in my life, I'm thingking of change and growth in all
aspects of my life. But really I just want to concentrate on what would
make me creative and productive as an artist," enthuses Regine.
    Regine says she is intent on deepening her musical work and getting
involved in all aspect of recording, especially in the selection of song
    Thus, she consider the launching of her millennium album R2K a major
milestone in her career.
    "R2K is a dream album for me. Like I said in the past, I want to explore
every creative aspect of my career. The R2K album and its whole concept is
something I've long loved to do."
    R2K is the first album by a local artist to come with a 17 all revival
cuts, a free 48-page magazines with articles and fashion pictorial of
Regine, complete with a VCD featuring six MTV's including the song "For The
Love Of You," and R and B hits originally done by Whitney Houston.
    The songs in R2K include "One Love" (Carpenters), the career single "On
the Wings of Love" (Jeffrey Osbourne), "Lost Without Your Love" (David
Gates of Bread), "For the Love of You (Whitney Houston), "In Your Eyes"
(George Benson), "Holidays", (Scorpions), "Music and Me" (Michael Jackson),
"Music of Goodbye" (John Barry), "Hello Again" (Neil Diamond), "The Long
and Winding Road" (The Beatles), "I'll Never Love This Way Again" (Dionne
Warwick), "McArthurs' Park" (Donna Summer), "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing"
(Aerosmith), "If Ever You're in My Arms Again" (Peabo Bryson), "Love Song
Medley" (I'll Always Love You, Longer and More Than You'll Ever Know),
"Dancing Queen" (Abba) and Fallin (Teri de Sario).
    What makes the album further special to her is that she's backed up by a
powerhouse cast of musicians on this album. These includes well-known
musical directors (some of whom have collaborated with Regine in her
previous concerts and albums). They are Cesar Aguas, Marc Lopez, Marvin
Querido, Ric Mercado, Mon Faustino, Lorie Ilustre, Raul Mitra, Mel Villena,
Homer Flores and Jimmy Antiporda.
    R2K is presented by KFC (finger Finkin' Good), Mister Donut, Epson,
Unilever, 10 KTV and Viva Records.
    Regine says the appeal of R2K is in the songs basic premise. The songs
have affable melodies that win you over, not to mention of course Regine's
mellifous voice wafting in every song. They may be revivals, but most of
the songs are sentimental signifying a return to romance, of kissing in the
rain and falling hopelessly in love.
    Regine intimates that "all the songs are me."
    "That's why R2K is doubly special to me. Aside from producing the album,
some of the songs are classic favorites of mine," says Regine.
    Songs such as "Music of Goodbye," and "For the Love of You," summarizes
some momentous chapters of her life.
    Whenever the word "Goodbye" crops up, people are quick to associate it
with her failed romance with Ariel Rivera.
    Regine is no stranger to pain. Like us, she's been burned and acathed by
love. The good thing is, she emerged a stronger person from the devastating
experience and made her credible in singing painful love songs.
    "My heartbreak made me a better person. I was so plain before because
nothing was going on in my life. I was so clean. Now I realized that pain
can make you a better person.
    She added that the experience also changed her personality. She's been
able to stave off her shyness. She's become more daring in her clothes and
film roles too.
    Unlike before, Regine is now more open to adult roles. At the moment
though, nude scenes are out of the question.
    "After all, I still have an image to protect. I'm not a bold star. If I
wear slinky sexy clothes, it only goes to show I'm comfortable with my own
body," says Regine.
    Regine confesses she is loveless at this point. Truth is she relishes in
her singleblessedness and is not in a hurry to meet Mr. Right.
    "I guess when someone matures, you tend to be a little laid-back. I'm no
longer adamant in finding a boyfriend. Lalo na ngayon, I'm so superbusy.
Love has to take a backseat."
    Regine has truly come a long way from her amateur singing contest days. In
span of 15 years, Regine has sold a million copies of her ten albums,
nestled at the top of the country and Asian charts and has cut an
international CD, Drawn. She has also collaborated with top pop songwriter
Mark Feist and did a duet with international recording artists Jackie
Cheung, Paul Anka and David Hasselhoff.
    Regine is Regina Encarnacion Velasquez in person and was born on April 22,
1970 in Manila. As it is known in the music industry, Tegine's rise to
musical stardom is phenomenal and well-earned.
    As a lanky reener, she and her father woild make the rounds of all the
provincial singing contest and from there would win in those competitions.
As classic tale is how her father immesed her at beach water to build up
her powerful voice.
    The sole person instrumental in her phenomenal rise is her father. Mang
Gerry has for a time, served as his dauhgter's personal adviser. He would
go with her in every guestings and boost Regine's morale. He taught her how
to hit those notes properly and most of all her taught her how to have
    In the fashion department, it was Ronnie Henares and wife Ida, Regine's
former manager who taught her how to dress up.
    Regine looks every inch a fashion plate whether she dons those ecru tops
or satin see-through gowns.
    She is our local Mariah Carey, cantilevered and pure vocal virtuoso.
    What many people don't know is that despite the sophistication and glamour
she now exudes, she remains a simple provincial lass when at home. Sans
make-up, Regine slips on her favorite dusters which are by the way
antiqueated. She shuns the nightlife and would rather watch TV.
    "In fact, I could watch all the programs on televisions. I won't tire a
bit . See, I'm a true-blue couch potato," says Regine.
    But the most treasured and cherished moments she spends at home is with
her siblings. They are one of the reasons why Regine perserved so hard to
make it in the recording scene. Years of singing and sacrificing her own
education led to her siblings snagging college degrees.
    "I love my family. I've been through many crisis in my life, That's why
I'm grateful for having them to love and support me."
    Emotions pore from her eyes whenever she talks about her siblings.
"Sometimes I'm amazed na almist all of them are grown-up na pala. I try to
tell them kahit superbusy ako that I'm always here for them and I enjoy
every minute of it."
    God has been generous to her because she's been good too in sharing her
    The coming millennium holds a lot of promise for her and she hopes to sing
until she's old and wrinkled.
    "I'd like to spend another 20 years, actually, I can not ask for anything
more because I'm really very happy with my life and with my career so far.
I still dream of making it internationally but now things are just perfect."
    The real measure of success, in Regine's case is not solely centered on
her voice or her remaining a down-to-earth person all these years. She
believes with a steely and unadultered heart that talent and the right set
of values will get you somewhere.

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