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Regine Fans Site



untitled.bmp (8266 bytes)     pictures given/sent by fans.

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Regine on TV

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Lots of thankies to "Christian" for these possibly naked shots of Regine. (J.Kidding)

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Shots were recorded from the TV using a computer device.         


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An excellent Regine Cover! Looks pretty hip.

Top pics was contributed by Christian Benedict.



'Backstage with the Songbird'

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-Yasmin Ong with Regine-


For more of Yasmin's Regine pictures click here- new10.gif (2109 bytes) wb01070_.gif (316 bytes)


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"The best joy an artist can have is having fans who are always glad."

What's a sun without planets to shine on.
So imagine a star who has no fans to look up to.
Both sound very lonely to me. -M&M