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Regine in C o l o r


Well, it paid off to visit old books & magazine stores. I spotted a pair of eyes
on one that looked very familar. It was that duty-free magazine with Regine on the cover
that I been asking about for a long time. One of the few I missed. Perfect condition.
I'm putting the cover in the Regine magazine cover section but the inside pictures
I'll share in the next two pages. The article very refreshing and was already posted
on Dainty's Regine site.  A very good & open interview.

As for the cute pictures. Check them out:

I couldn't help but think of Tom Hanks in the movie "BIG" when I saw this shot.
It was about a child trapped in an adult body. But the real lesson was how
wonderful life can be viewed in the adult world from a child's perspective.
I have no doubt about the way Regine sees things we all take for granted at any age.

- Regine playing around for the camera at duty-free Philippines -

beanbag2 (Copy 1).jpg (74469 bytes)

Little Boy: -"Mommy, I want the yellow one!" Regine: -"oh,oh..."

( " Sorry kid. I saw that Regine doll first! " )


The Official Bean Bag Lady

beanbag (Copy 1).jpg (47995 bytes)

Rumor has it duty-free sold all their bean bags after Regine posed
for these shots. No, I'm just kidding. But they looked nicer with her posing on them.


We use to have a few of them around our band room. What was hard
is getting the replacement stuffings for the inside since they lose
allot of their fluffness after you sat on them a few hundred times.   


" I want one! I want One! "
" What do you mean she's not for sale? "
" Mommy! "

( Smart kid. Knows what he wants at that young age.)


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